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Advocate New Paintings by John Philip Murray

30th November - 19th December 2003.


"There is a crack in everything, - that's where the light gets in…."

At a time when political actions seem to display questionable ethics, the concept of altruism becomes more important for the individual and by extension for humanity. Many commentators have said that: "Art cannot change the world". But through art, people can appreciate deep human connection that crosses boundaries of location, belief, wealth and circumstance. It has long been argued that the very uselessness of art is its raison d'être, and in a spirit of humility and hope, individual artists pursue their personal quests. By concentrating on the face I acknowledge the human individual and the masses. These images are both literal layers of paint, and layers of difference. It is not perhaps by accident that my work was affected in the early 1990's by the onset of the Gulf War and the impending birth of my son, John Louis.

The intense personal feelings that I bring to my work may, on reflection, touch that chord within others. If so, some small step has been made.

Anthem: any song of praise or gladness. A short musical composition to be sung in religious services, often with words taken from the bible. A song or hymn sung antiphonally or responsively, a sacred vocal composition with words usually taken from the scriptures. A song or hymn of praise or gladness".

Anthem, Oil on board, 102x71cm, 2003, Private Collection

There is a crack in everything, - that's where the light gets in" this is a quote from a song by Leonard Cohen "Anthem" in which he exhorts: "forget your perfect offering there is a crack, etc………"

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