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Vanishing Day (Booklet)

Vangard ii - John Philip Murray - published with a monograph by Marianne O'Kane Boal, as part of Gandon Editions' Vangard Series on Irish artists to coincide with John Philip Murray - Vanishing Day - at the Vangard Gallery, 10th May - 2nd June 2007.

Image: Ur, Oil on cotton, 102 x 76 cm, 2007

On the Fabric of Painting -

John Philip Murray talks about the sources of his new work.

The notion of the Hero/Saviour, (as documented by Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell to name but two among many others since Homer, Virgil and Ovid), wanders in and out of these paintings. This uneasy alliance of the banal and the sublime, the futile and the magnificent................more.