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Demos (Diptych)

Oil on cotton 76x122cm. 2006/7

In the second longest running piece, also started in 2006, the final form is much streamlined into an above and below form. Above a peachy/pinky colour prevails, below, a colder grey colour is in the ascendant. Deep within the peachy colour, some curved, roughly circular forms can be discerned. These lack surface features, and so it is difficult to read them; are they stones at the top of a wall, or the tops of human heads? In giving this piece the title "Demos" (Greek; the people), they may be read as both or either of the above. The notion of small individual items together making up a larger, stronger entity has long fascinated me. In college, walls were a favourite subject and having seen the remains of ancient Roman mosaics in Tunisia in 1995, I have frequently returned to this construct.